TypeRed Bedside Table Lamps: Zingz & Thingz Piano bell Industrial Polystyrene plastic Small Crystal Table Lamps

Red Bedside Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Danny Ricks

Lamps - Adding to Your Room Decor

If you are looking to change the decor of your room by making few simple changes, you can always have the option of adding simple items in the room such as lamps. They not only add style and...

TypeSilver Base Table Lamps: Cone Desk Multi Shade Scandinavian Paper Glass End Table With Lamp

Silver Base Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Bridgett Smith

All About Lamps

Love it or not, lamps have o be some of the major items that make the house complete. Lamps have been around for as long as man has lived with the idea that when it gets dark, there has to be...

TypeNautical Bedside Table Lamps: Drum Bedside lifestage Bohemian Plastic Table Lamp Bases Uk

Nautical Bedside Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Steven J Mitchell

Billiard Pool Lamps - A Truly Colorful Tradition

Used mainly as a source for direct lighting, free of shadows, billiard lamps are more often than not found hanging directly over the pool table it is lighting. Without drawing attention, these serve as a source of...

TypeShabby Chic Bedside Table Lamps: Empire Lamp Set Drum Rustic Glass Black Wrought Iron Table Lamps

Shabby Chic Bedside Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Lekha Ram

Beautiful Tiffany Lamps

Owning a Tiffany is also a mark of distinction for your home. These stylish lights not only just provide lighting but also turn it into a focus point of your room. Each stained glass is a masterpiece that can be preserved for...

TypeRope Base Table Lamp: Bowl Animal USB Port Country CREPE fabric Purple Chandelier Table Lamp

Rope Base Table Lamp

Barbara Powell.


By Barrie Newton

New Lamp by Just Changing a Bulb

Type of Lamps Suitable for This

Any lamp with a white or glass lampshade is very suitable. Some with a light coloured shade can also be used. These can be table lamps, floor (standard) lamps, ceiling lamps and...

TypePineapple Table Lamp Base: Compact Fluorescent Desk USB Port Rustic Polypropylene plastic Replacement Glass Shade For Table Lamp

Pineapple Table Lamp Base

Barbara Powell.


By Dan Fonder

All About Antique Tables

There are many kinds of antique tables. To name a few, they are: farm dining tables, tea tables, lamp tables, and card tables. Mostly, these vintage tables are made of oak wood, brass or mahogany. They are way popular during...

TypePottery Base Table Lamps: Incandescent Bedside hourglass Cottage INEN fabric Chinese Porcelain Table Lamps

Pottery Base Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Lauren Tyler

Great Designs - Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and lighting fixtures for the home are in abundance - in shops and malls, designer outlets, mail order catalogues and online. The home decor market has increased as consumers have become more style savvy, with more disposable income not...

TypeLilac Bedside Table Lamps: Zoomie Kids Transportation Drum Scandinavian RAYON fabric Pink Crystal Table Lamp

Lilac Bedside Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Nicolas Delbert

6 Enlightening Benefits of Floor Lamps in Homes

When you hear the word "lamp" what image do you think of? You probably imagine that table lamp on your bed's nightstand, which sheds some light on your bedtime reading. Or maybe you think about the...

TypeNovelty Table Lamps Uk: Empire Licensed Character cone Cottage Polycarbonate plastic Lilac Bedside Table Lamps

Novelty Table Lamps Uk

Barbara Powell.


By Joehann Remolado

Home Beauty of Your Home With an Accent Lamp

This type of lamp is great for lighting a corner or a room since they produce mood lighting. They give out a perfect accent lighting and decoration to your room. They are available in different...

TypeReading Lamps For Bedside Tables: Bell Lamp Set Eco Friendly Traditional Silk White Gourd Table Lamp

Reading Lamps For Bedside Tables

Barbara Powell.


By Lori Prince

Bedside Table Information

A bedside table is something you find in almost every bedroom. The reason for this is that it gives you the perfect spot for your alarm clock or maybe a lamp that you use for reading before bed. Here are some...