MaterialBlack Metal Table Lamp Base: World Interiors Piano Drum Dale tiffany Silk mustard yellow lamp

Black Metal Table Lamp Base

Lea Hundley.


By Amanda Burke

Wood Table Lamps Enhance Style

What makes wood table lamps perfect for a given space? The color of the lamp base can be a huge selection point, but remarkably enough; there are other design details that are also important in terms of choosing the best...

MaterialBlue And White Ceramic Table Lamp: Zoomie Kids Lava dome Dale tiffany Linen discount table lamps for living room

Blue And White Ceramic Table Lamp

Lea Hundley.


By Julia Vallessi

Table Lamps - Combining Functionality With Style

The right kind of lamp can greatly add to the ambience of a room. Combining functionality with style, they can contribute to the decor as well as provide illumination where needed. Today, there are many kinds of lamps...

MaterialBlack Lamp Tables For Living Room: Zutano Salt Lamp bell Mission Shaker Cotton fabric end table lamps

Black Lamp Tables For Living Room

Lea Hundley.


By Lauren Tyler

Using Table Lamps to Accessorize Your Home

Table lamps are interesting home accessories. They light up your home nicely, and look good too. These days, there are plenty of ways to light up your house, but table lamps remain among the most popular picks.

These lamps...

MaterialBlack Wrought Iron Table Lamps: Incandescent Novelty Drum Cottage Density Polyethylene plastic narrow lamp table

Black Wrought Iron Table Lamps

Lea Hundley.


By Felix Goh

Tips For Buying Bedroom Table Lamps

The appearance of rooms can be redefined by simply adding a perfect and beautiful table lamp to it. It is important that you choose the most suitable lamp design that matches your room theme in order to bring out the...

MaterialTiffany table lamps - similar style of lamps: Viv Rae Animal dome Cottage Polyvinyl Chloride plastic mustard yellow lamp base

Tiffany table lamps - similar style of lamps

Lea Hundley.


By Felix Goh

Tiffany Table Lamps

Tiffany table lamps have been here since decades of years ago, and even today, people are still buying this similar style of lamps to add on to their collection or for display purposes. These Tiffany lamps are popular for their gorgeousness as...

MaterialBlack Rectangular Lamp Shades For Table Lamps: Woodbridge Lighting Bedside Eco Friendly Glam Chiffon fabric modern table lamps

Black Rectangular Lamp Shades For Table Lamps

Lea Hundley.


By Christian Gutierrez

Antique Table Lamps - Everything About the Antique Table Lamp

Antique table lamps are not just some old lamp, some are gorgeous. They are lamps that have a resemblance a whole different era, filled with life to our vision. They can be a very elegant piece...

MaterialBlack Iron Table Lamps: Vintage Retro by Luminaria Transportation Multi Shade Glam ORGANZA fabric cylinder table lamp

Black Iron Table Lamps

Lea Hundley.


By Trevor R. Price

Ambience Table Lamps - Produce Ambience in Your Residence With Table Lights

Ambience table lamps are making a comeback as the ultra-cool design accessory in the shabby chic decorating trend. So, consider getting into that attic or digging out that crawl space to unearth those...

MaterialBlack Table Lamp With Crystals: Warehouse of Tiffany Pattern Eco Friendly Cottage Plastic vintage table lamps

Black Table Lamp With Crystals

Lea Hundley.


By Mischa Weston-Green

The Variety of Table Lamps

Table lamps are as much a part of our homes as telephones, washing machines, and pictures on the wall; they are both functional and decorative; they can set the mood in your living room or provide bright, well directed light...

MaterialBlack Lamp Shades For Table Lamps: Ziqi Home Lamp Set globe Country CREPE fabric gray table lamps

Black Lamp Shades For Table Lamps

Lea Hundley.


By Brian Gottschall

Home Lighting and the Table Lamp

If you are in a situation where you want to keep the look of a room fresh, or even when you want to change the look of your entire home, you will find that lighting is essential. Home lighting is...

Base ColorBlack Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp: Incandescent Novelty cone Cottage ORGANZA fabric porcelain table lamps

Black Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp

Lea Hundley.

Base Color.
By Byran Kempa

The Beauty of Contemporary Table Lamps

Streamlined polished chrome bases. Frosted white glass shades. Clusters of filaments lit by LEDs. These are not your father's table lamps! Indeed, table lamps have come a long way since any old light bulb stuck on a piece of...