TypeTouch Lamps For Bedside Table: Round Lamp Set Swing Arm Contemporary Glass Shabby Chic Bedside Table Lamps

Touch Lamps For Bedside Table

Barbara Powell.


By Richard P Martin

How to Select Artichoke Lamps For Your Interiors

As the name suggests, artichoke lamps mimic the design of the simple artichoke. Proper lighting plays a vital role in creating visually appealing interiors. Good lights and lamps can convert any ordinary or drab space into...

TypeTable Lamp With Night Light Base: Bell Licensed Character Multi Shade French Country RAYON fabric Red Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp

Table Lamp With Night Light Base

Barbara Powell.


By Jessica M Delino

Bankers Lamp - What Makes It So Popular?

Have you ever thought of why the good old bankers lamps that were introduced at the time when electricity was just invented, are so popular even today? Did you ever make an attempt to know why people...

Typetable lamp with outle in base: Drum Animal LED Dimmable Mid Century Modern Cotton fabric Blue And White Ginger Jar Table Lamps

table lamp with outle in base

Barbara Powell.


By Stefan Rockhaus

The Different Shades of Lamp Shades

The charm of a room comes with its lights. Lightning plays a major role in the ambiance of a room. Colors and types of lights represent different moods, like if there is a dim light in the room then...

TypeTarget Table Lamp Base: Hourglass Animal Mercury Glass Contemporary Wood Glass End Table With Lamp

Target Table Lamp Base

Barbara Powell.


By Cecilia Cuellar

Choosing A Lamp For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom. It is the place where you return to each night to rest and regain your strength for the next day. The bedroom is home to many relaxing activities such as watching television, reading, knitting etc.

You ever...

TypeTable Top Torchiere Lamp: Drum Lava Mercury Glass Traditional ORGANZA fabric Glass Lamp Shades For Table Lamps Replacements

Table Top Torchiere Lamp

Barbara Powell.


By John P Matthews

Timeless Tiffany Lamps

A lamp featuring a shade made up of several pieces of coloured glass soldered together is often referred to as a Tiffany lamp. The base of this type of lamp is as diverse as the shade. Predominantly, the bases are cast metal....

TypeTable Lamps Wooden Base: Dome Pattern rectangle Contemporary Fabric Lilac Bedside Table Lamps

Table Lamps Wooden Base

Barbara Powell.


By Marie Main

Antique Floor Lamp - The Perfect Accessory For Your Home

A unique antique floor lamp lights up your life in a way standard lighting devices are unable to. Having an antique styled floor lamp provides a touch of romance, class, and adds sophistication to...

TypeTable Lamps With Outlets In Base: Dome Novelty Battery Operated French Country Linen Blue Table Lamps Uk

Table Lamps With Outlets In Base

Barbara Powell.


By Karen Bucceri

Stylish Floor Lamps

There are few more effective ways to soften a room than the use of one-or-two carefully positioned floor lamps. For a romantic night in, or for inviting a few friends over for drinks in a relaxing environment, the last thing one wants are...

TypeTarget Tripod Table Lamp: Zanin Lighting Inc. Arched Mercury Glass Coastal Linen Replacement Glass Table Lamp Shades

Target Tripod Table Lamp

Barbara Powell.


By Abraham K M

Victorian Lamps - History, Design and Decor Tips

The period when Queen Victoria ruled Britain in the 19th century is known as the Victorian era. This era ushered in the industrial revolution and brought never before prosperity to Britain's middle class. As a result,...

TypeTripod Spotlight Table Lamp: Incandescent Piano EMPIRE Bohemian Chiffon fabric Floating Square Table Lamp

Tripod Spotlight Table Lamp

Barbara Powell.


By Johan J Oberholzer

A Few Tips Regarding Desk Lamps And Floor Lamps, Both New And Old

Desk lamps or table lamps are very well suited to the task to which they are generally applied, that is, illuminating a small area to enable you to focus...

TypeTable Lamp With Nightlight Base: Costa Novelty LED Dimmable Cabin Linen Industrial Task Table Lamp

Table Lamp With Nightlight Base

Barbara Powell.


By Sue Lemmon

Tiffany Lamps - An American Treasure

For a colorful, delicate addition to any room, a Tiffany Lamp is a great choice. Originating in the 1880's from the creative hands of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) these lights began a whole new era in the lighting industry.

Tiffany, a...