MaterialFillable Glass Table Lamp Base: Virtue Home Buffet Eco Friendly Bohemian Crystal pink himalayan salt lamp

Fillable Glass Table Lamp Base

Lea Hundley.


By Ramsey Lynn

Table Lamp Lighting - From Functional to Fashionable

Making the best use of the space around and designing their house is now a renewed focus for all homeowners. Small adjustments in and around the rooms can make a significant impact on the overall design and...

MaterialCream Table Lamp Shades: Wind Lava lifestage Coastal CREPE fabric affordable table lamps

Cream Table Lamp Shades

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By John G Wells

Choosing Proper Table Lamps For Your Home

If you have got been brooding about performing some decor with table lamps and need a very little direction on choosing some table lamps that fits your home, then first you must select the table lamp you...

MaterialCobalt Blue Table Lamps: Zutano Transportation square Country SONGKET fabric handmade ceramic lamps

Cobalt Blue Table Lamps

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By Matthew Stanton

As Functional and Beautiful As Table Lamps

Table lamps are among the must-have lighting fixture in nearly all household. Not only for its elegance and beauty, table lamps are needed in almost all household for its functionality. It is there to add warmth to a room....

MaterialDesigner Glass Table Lamps: Zoomie Kids Piano Drum Modern RAYON fabric crystal lamp shades

Designer Glass Table Lamps

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By Danny Ricks

Quick Tips For Choosing Your Table Lamps

Table lamps are not just an ordinary lighting fixture for both home and office. You must have a much passionate perspective for these kinds of lamps that you might just have taken for granted for some reasons. Come...

MaterialDuck Egg Blue Table Lamps: ZipcodeDesign Animal lifestage Mid Century Modern CREPE fabric modern lighting

Duck Egg Blue Table Lamps

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By John Carlstrom

How Tall Should a Table Lamp Be?

Having a table lamp at home may sound easy and can be compared to just buying a decor and finding a place in your room. Although this may be true if you are not particular with how...

MaterialColored Glass Table Lamps: Zutano Sports dome Tropical Chiffon fabric office table lamp

Colored Glass Table Lamps

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By Lauren Tyler

Cheap Makeover For a Room - Buy a Table Lamp

Any room in your home can be made to look a different by simple changing, or adding a few table lamps.

Table lamps can create the aura of peacefulness, or also provide you with selective highlighting in...

MaterialCrackle Glass Vase Table Lamp: Zoomie Kids Desk cone Mission Shaker RAYON fabric small night table lamps

Crackle Glass Vase Table Lamp

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By Lori Prince

Choosing a Table Lamp

Having a candlelit dinner is a great idea, but you really need at least one lamp in order for you to see what you are eating without ruining the romantic mood. Adding a lamp, or even two, on the side board can...

MaterialDark Blue Table Lamp: Zutano Pattern square Mission Shaker Plastic table lamp bases uk

Dark Blue Table Lamp

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By Hadi Kanan

Are You Using Enough Table Lamps in Your Home?

Table lamps are the unsung heroes interior design. The perfect blend of form and function, the ideal table lamp should look great as an ornament as well as provide balanced light when switched on. There is nothing...

MaterialEva Colored Glass Table Lamp: Zoomie Kids Lava cone Modern CREPE fabric tripod table lamp

Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp

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By Gary Denton

The Table Lamp is a Lighting Solution For Any Room

Table lamps may well be the most versatile means of interior lighting. They allow you to selectively light specific areas of a room, or to establish muted mood lighting in a way that just isn't...

MaterialDuck Egg Blue Table Lamp: Zoomie Kids Animal Swing Arm Country ORGANZA fabric turquoise table lamp

Duck Egg Blue Table Lamp

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By Nilda Nora

Styles of Table Lamps

If you are the type of consumer that loves timeless touch pieces, the classic or traditional is the right one for you. Classic, traditional or antique lamps are made of classic materials and traditional motifs that will stand for a hundred years....