StyleRustic Cabin Table Lamps: Drum Arched round Mid Century Modern Metal Clear Glass Base Table Lamps

Rustic Cabin Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong

A Lamp For Each Room In Your Home

I can never get tired of looking at a lamp which is why I have a certain piece in every room in my home. If people collect cars, clothes, shoes, plates, table cloths and the likes,...

StyleRustic Wood Table Lamps: Cone Licensed Character USB Port Scandinavian JACQUARD fabric Purple Bijoux Table Lamp

Rustic Wood Table Lamps

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By Matthew Smart

How Antique Lamps Add Charm To Your Home

How To Add Charm To Your Home With Antique Table Lamps

Antique Lamps have a very charming way of livening up the interiors. They have a personality about them, a characteristic elegance that brings about a classic look...

StyleTall Table Lamps Contemporary: Zutano Torchiere rectangle Tiffany Crystal Tall Glass Table Lamps

Tall Table Lamps Contemporary

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By Jim Hoyle

How To Repair A Table Lamp or Floor Lamp

We strongly suggest that YOU DO NOT DO THIS ELECTRICAL REPAIR YOURSELF unless you are experienced and qualified. If you are qualified and experienced then no further instructions should be necessary.

There are just too many variables...

StyleSmall Tiffany Style Table Lamps: Cone Pattern rectangle Coastal Linen Black Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp

Small Tiffany Style Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Des Smalls

Modern Tiffany Lamps Are Now More Exclusive Than Ever

Tiffany lamps have been around for years; in fact, you can find many beautiful antique Tiffany lamps out there today from years gone by. However, today they have made a resurgence when it comes to decorating...

StyleRustic Lamp Shades For Table Lamps: Rectangle Lava globe Country Paper Black Crystal Chandelier Table Lamp

Rustic Lamp Shades For Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Des Smalls

Tiffany Style Lamps - Beautiful And Unique All In One

In this day and age, people are not known to conform to the norm. We are
always on the lookout for home d├ęcor that is unique and beautiful at the same
time, which are exactly the...

StyleRustic Table Lamps Uk: Hourglass Desk LED Dimmable Contemporary Linen Oriental Ceramic Table Lamps

Rustic Table Lamps Uk

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By John Carlstrom

How to Determine Correct Lamp Height For an End Table

A nice table lamp goes with a nice table. The look is important but the two should match not only in the theme and texture, but also in size. It is important to be able...

StyleSmall Tiffany Style Table Lamp: Globe Floral hourglass Cottage ORGANZA fabric Big Base Table Lamps

Small Tiffany Style Table Lamp

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By Karl Cosmano

Table Floor Lamps: What You Need To Know And A Lot More

In anything, hunting for the appropriate and ideal lamps that would fit your house furnishings is certainly hard. With regards to deciding on the proper light fixtures--the design, size, function and prize,...

StyleTable Lamps Country Style: Compact Fluorescent Novelty globe Country Glass Crystal Block Table Lamp

Table Lamps Country Style

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By Amanda Burke

Home Lamps - Choosing Location, Style, and Type

Home lamps can be a great way to accessorize your home and provide lighting at the same time. The physical appearance of the lamp, the type of light the lamp casts, and where the light is...

StyleSmall Tiffany Table Lamps: ZipcodeDesign Torchiere cone Country Plastic Replacement Glass Shade For Table Lamp

Small Tiffany Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Larry F

Buying a Flower Lamp

The world is your oyster if you are seeking a glass table lamp. The styles, the colors, the addition of other mediums, the complicated use of glass, and the simplicity of glass will positively astound you.

The utter simplicity of clear glass...

StyleSmall Modern Table Lamps: Incandescent Animal USB Port Contemporary LEXAN plastic Traditional Table Lamps Australia

Small Modern Table Lamps

Barbara Powell.


By Randy V Revelle

Fine Lighting At Its Best With Table Floor Lamps

Looking for the right lamps for specific room spaces can be a daunting task. From the variety of alternatives in the furniture market, a shopper is usually perplexed with regard to determining the right lighting...